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Project Runway

Chris March (my fav) got booted off yesterday. I really don’t like the judges on PR. They are so snotty and narrow-minded. I thought that PR was all about the innovative designer; looks like it is just about another designer who makes wearable clothes. There are so many designers like that. I really want to see someone fresh and innovative. I loved Chris’ use of materials. Why is human hair so creepy on clothes? Don’t you have wigs and weaves? He spent 8 hours on every single row of safety pins on his immaculate black skirt. How innovative is that! And the human hair moved beautifully on the runway. Tell me, is it worse to use human hair than fur? Fur for which people kill animals? Really? The judges need to be more open-minded about fashion.

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Interior Design

I am in the process of buying an apartment, and need to renovate it. Its so hard to renovate an apartment! There is so much to do – space planning, colors, where to have the refrigerator, etc. etc. Mind boggling!! I want to go with a designer. I saw a place done by him where every bit of space was well utilized. I hate wastage of space, more so after living in NY. But he has quoted a large sum, and his contract does not state anything specifically. I have no idea how my money is going to be used, and do not want to pay the entire amount upfront. What will then be the incentive for him to work hard? I wish there were more resources out there. After pouring over books and the web, I have not come across a single picture that translates my vision. Sob!!

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