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Movie: Race

This highly publicized Indian movie was one “slick flick” – my new term for movies with tons of attitude. Cast: Saif, Bipasha, Katrina, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Sameera Reddy, and Dilip Tahil – pretty good.

Check out Saif… Back in the days Saif was a woman (looked like one), now he has come a long way…

Synopsis: Remember Wild Things? This one is similar – many love stories rolled into one. Saif loves Bipasha, but Saif’s brother (Akshaye) falls in love with Bipasha. Big bro Saif sacrifices his love and brings Bips and Aksh together. Turn out Bips is crooked and loved Saif for his money. Aksh wants to kill big bro because Dad left two insurance policies for both sons for $50 million each should each one die. Aksh will due to double indemnity clause get $100 mn by killing big bro. To cut a long story short, Saif is not dead as Aksh believed, Saif and Bips are lovers, Katrina and Aksh are married, and Anil and Sameera are with Saif, and Saif gets $100 mn due to double indemnity plus the $100 mn of Aksh’s double indemnity. Confused? Should be. Crappy movie, stupid concept, terrible dialogues, incorrect English subtitles. Not worth your time.

The good: Bips and Saif’s chemistry is sizzling. I love Saif and Bipasha – both are hot, and have steaming chemistry on screen. This pic does not do justice to them though.

Katrina is the girl next door, and cannot pull off negative roles because she is too good a girl (but not so much in Boom). Love her officewear. Would totally wear it to work except for the skirt!

Sameera is pointless and thick especially compared with the other two hot damsels. Bips stole the show. Bips has more meat on her bones than Katrina, but looks much better. She has the oomph and strong sex appeal that Katrina lacks. And Bips now has muscle weight thanks to John, and looks well toned.

Aksh used to be hot. Now I see him and his double chin. Quite disappointing – I was looking forward to seeing him after a long break, and he ends up with two chins. He really should have toned up for the movie, especially since his career is not doing too well, and he was with hot people all around. A dad with connections can only help you so much. I am so disappointed – he is such a good actor, but this was a wasted opportunity for him – it could have been a comeback.

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