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When loneliness creeps in… and the streets stand deserted,

When darkness seeps in…and the sun has descended,

When the moon reins…on a bed of clouds,

And the owl begins…to make its sounds,

I look up at the sky… a lonely star catches my eye… but none can hear me sigh,

I miss you…

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Remember when I blogged about jumpsuits? Now this overgrown toddler trend is everywhere! Who brought this trend back? Models don’t look as bad, and neither did my co-worker who wore one today, but I am not changing my mind about this. Why oh why would you want to wear one of these? What if you wanted to pee – so uncomfortable. And what about the odds and ends of the body – they would show while walking and sitting. FYI if Gwyneth Paltrow, skinny as she is can’t carry it, nobody can.

I came across an article on jumpsuits that made me have to talk about them again. The YSL one looks dowdy and dull. Stella McCartney’s take makes the model look broad at the top and skinny at the bottom – not flattering at all. Where does the jacket end and pant begin? Zero + Maria is okay, but so shapeless down from the waist. Issa is not bad, but imagine the gathering of the flowing fabric around the thighs giving it an unflattering look. Maje looks skinny skinny skinny… Helmut Lang is also shapeless right at the start of the hips. Spiegel is actually not bad, while Target is so old fashioned and 80’s that the fad is best left dead. New York & Company, well, I am not going to say anything bad about my company… if you have to buy a jumpsuit buy it from my company. Seriously, you won’t regret it because the prices are so low that they accommodate all fashion mistakes that one is likely to make during the fadshion phase in one’s life. At least you will make fashion mistakes on a budget 🙂

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Stupid alarm clock

98% of times I read reviews before buying anything – household & personal products, movie tickets, travel, services, and pretty much anything. I read reviews on Amazon before buying the Sonic Boom alarm clock. Reviews stated that the clock was loud enough to wake anyone. Since I have a problem waking up really early I bought the alarm. What an absolute waste. First of all, THE ALARM DECIDES WHEN TO RING. Second, its easy to move the volume button unintentionally, so you may not realize that the volume is set to 1, which basically means you cannot hear the alarm. The volume thing is not as much of a problem as the fact that the decision of when to ring is in the alarm’s hands. While I do wake up early in general it annoys me to no extent that I paid for this crappy thing. I am up relatively early because my new place has no blinds and I don’t intend to get any in the near future – at least I wake up early, but not as early as I would like.

I came across an interesting article on the most annoying alarms. Wish I had read it before I purchased this one.

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The curse of reality shows

When I first moved to the US, I got into reality shows because I was intrigued by the drama. My initial impression was that Americans are primarily like the ones on the Jerry Springer show, Maury’s show, and various other talk and law shows during the day. Since I was at home and did not have friends (I was very new!!!), I let these shows shape my impressions of Americans, and thought that they were a miserable lot. Once I met people, joined school, and started working, I realized how much these shows misrepresent the average American.

The trend of reality shows is catching up in India as well. While the drama is not as much, I am amazed at how much people have changed and how messed up people are on these shows. There are a few recurrent themes in reality shows:

  1. Drama is # 1, no matter what the cost
  2. Each person “plays” a character, and that character is exaggerated to the extreme
  3. Loud and obnoxious people either reach the final three or win something
  4. Ratings increase due to heightened drama
  5. Producers exploit weaknesses to the extreme, not caring for basic human decencies; racism, bullying, etc. are out in the open and the producers will just watch and tape
  6. Producers will manipulate participants just for ratings

While people who go on reality shows know what they are getting into, you still never know what to expect unless you are in that situation. Over time reality shows disgust me so much that I don’t watch them anymore. I only watch competitive reality shows, such as Germany’s Next Top Model, Project Runway US, Project Runway Canada, Project Runway Britian, Canada’s Next Top Model, Australia’s Next Top Model, and Celebrity Apprentice. I love fashion, and so enjoy these shows because they focus on the skill set and not just drama. I would, however, much rather prefer old fashioned drama and comedy any day. My favorite shows are Heroes, Law and Order, Gossip Girl (not anymore though), and Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma (hilarious!).

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Rainy New York

I really really dislike rainy New York. It rains all day and night without an end in sight, and with no prior warning. Like my Mom says, in the US you cannot trust 3 things: weather is one of them; I fail to recall the other two! It is dark and gloomy all day, and not a single umbrella will hold up. You spend $10 on an umbrella and it will fly in the first gust of wind. You would think the country would get that one thing straight (umbrella), never mind the other advancements. Indian rains are worse, but at least you know when to expect the rain.

I am sick of the weather. Its mid-April, and it is still cold and rainy. New York is not even a mountaineous region, nor close to any large water body. Why the rain and humidity, then? We have 6-8 months of crappy weather, and just 3-4 months of decent summer. But even in this weather people will go out, have fun, and tourists will come visit.

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My little sister was once my best friend. I used to boss her around, and she always gave me the scoop on my extended large family. She was so irritating and kept chatting away till I lost my cool. Whenever I cooked rotis (Indian bread) she talked so much and distracted me, so much so that my rotis were of different shapes and sizes, and my parents and brother used to pick and choose and say “this is the map of Africa”, “this is the map of America”, and so on. I used to yell at her, and she giggled and ran away. But I loved listening to her, and giving my opinion. She was adorable. I remember when she was born, I used to take soooooo much care of her. I loved her like anything.

Then she grew up and we started having sibling rivalry. She was still adorable, but now got all the attention. I, being the older one, was expected to be more understanding and sacrificing. But we were still best friends. We fought and made up all the time, and I still loved her like no other. Some of my love transferred to my brother who was so small and adorable, but my sister was still my best friend. We used to hide things from my mom and dad, and my brother played “Narad muni” and tattled on us to our parents. It was so much fun growing up. A great sense of humor runs in my family. My sister is so sensitive, and its funny because she tries to show that she is strong and a free bird, but deep down she is very sensitive, loving, and adorable. I have always been so fiercely protective of her.

Now my sister is completely grown up and a woman. I feel like staying apart for so long has driven us apart. In the first few years of moving to a different country, I was so busy with my life that I did not call her as frequently; and sometimes her birthdays were an after-thought. We took our relationship for granted. I met her after a couple of years, and realized that things have changed between us. We are no longer best friends, and I feel so disconnected with her. I guess that is what miles do to you. We no longer share that close connection, but I still have my special bond with her. I know that no matter what I will always be there for her, NO MATTER WHAT. I still love her deeply, and miss her terribly sometimes…

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For some reason the song “Kiss Me”has been in my head for the last 2-3 days, and I came across the video on YouTube. The song and video are so awesome… totally warms the heart.

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