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Alexander Wang for Balenciaga

It has been so long since I last wrote! I am hoping to make writing a regular part of my day now that I don’t have an official job.

I have been getting into designer handbags in a big way. I LOVE fashion like most people, and have always been interested in designer and regular clothing. But of late I have really gotten into handbags. More about that later.

I LOVE LOVE Alexander Wang. His designs are minimalistic with subtle use of hardware. His bags have a very structured look, as do his clothes. Most of his handbags are accessorized with minimal hardware in interesting places, very very subtle looking, but they add a “pop” to the bags. He is also very creative with flexibility in the ways in which a bag can be worn. His Marion Prisma bag uses sleek rose gold hardware to add a touch of color. The white Diego bucket bag has colorful studs. The Lia messenger bag has studs at the bottom, very subtle and attractive. His bags are not always practical though. The Lia messenger bag is very very stiff and while that helps maintain shape, you can’t put as much into it even though the size is good. 

Balenciaga recently got him on as designer. Balenciaga and Wang have very different aesthetics, so this marriage doesn’t fully make sense. On further probe though they target a very similar customer. Both have “rocker chic” looks. Balenciaga’s motorcycle bags are very popular, they have a very different look from Wang. Lots of zippers, tiny tassles, very “out there” and busy. Wang’s looks are very minimalistic with pops of color using studs and other hardware. Both target “rockers”. From that perspective it makes sense. It also allows Balenciaga to move into unchartered territory, and make a name for itself in bags other than motorcycle-looking ones; there are only so many similar bags that women will buy.

Wang’s new bags for Balenciaga are very minimalistic, practical, and attractive. They have a very understated look. They leather is EXCELLENT! I tried out a few in Bergdorf’s and am in love. The leather is soft, designs very interesting, the very look is sophisticated and structured. Clean lines, subtle hardware. I am very excited to see where Wang takes Balenciaga next.

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