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I hate death, especially of loved ones. Well, who doesn’t! I heard of a few deaths of late. My grandparents (dad’s side) passed away 2-3 years back. My grandmother was so fragile and sweet. Last year, my husband’s grandmother passed away. Last week, someone from my old company passed away (Vivek Patel). I interacted briefly with Vivek when he was a summer intern, and by the time he was hired I had left the company. I remember Vivek as a very outgoing person, who knew what he wanted to do. He was interested in my functional group but had to intern in another team which was wrapping up due to no client work. He was “intern of the day” with me during the intern exchange day. He passed away of bipolar disorder. This is so sad; you never really know people. I cannot believe that someone as outgoing and interactive as him was suffering so much!

Today my husband’s friend told me that her father had passed  away a few months back. It was sad because she went back to India to spend time with her Dad because he was unwell, but before she got there he passed away. Truly heartbreaking. I cannot imagine living without my parents – I care so deeply about them. My Dad’s silent support and to-die-for smile, and mom’s talkative, funloving, and extremely caring nature add so much sunshine to my life. And my husband is such a good husband. I always want my loved ones around me in my life. God should focus on the bad people and take them away.

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I am an online marketing professional, and work in the retail and fashion industry. I love fashion, and even more now that I work in it. Beautiful clothes and jewelry take my breath away; I really don’t like shoes and handbags as much though. Just clothes and jewelry. They represent the highest form of expression of art.

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