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When I caught a clip of Hugh Jackman on TV in his Broadway avatar, I had to catch it when it came to NY. As soon as I heard of his arrival on Broadway, I purchased tickets and after several tries online and on the phone, I was finally able to get two orchestra tickets – the show was completely sold out within days!!

I was super excited since I love the X-men series and Hugh is one of my favorite stars. I was not disappointed. The show, as expected, is all about Hugh – his childhood, how he met his wife, his songs and dances, how he got his first break, and X-men. Its like a stand-up comedy mixed with songs and dances. He was mesmerizing. It requires a lot of star quality and a hell of a lot of courage to stand up there and entertain the audience for 2 hours straight. Hugh managed to do that – he made the audience laugh and sing with him. Of course he threw in (pimped) his movies, past stints in Broadway, X-men, and the organization he supports. I loved all his songs except for one that he did right before Interval. I have become an even bigger fan after watching him on Broadway! I would love love love to go back and see him again, he left us wanting more…

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