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Last week my husband and I went to Manhattan Storage to collect my shoes. We have most of our stuff in storage because we are renovating the apartment. While moving, we dropped off the Shoes box in storage instead of at home. After removing and moving boxes, shelves, and chairs, we were able to find the box of shoes. My poor sweet hubby would not let me lift the boxes, and he was tired after lifting heavy stuff. We also argued about what should go where. I pride myself on organizing things – well, my work desk is always a mess, but I have learned good organizing skills from my Mom – she is excellent at organizing and making the best use of space. So yeah I pride myself on that, and my husband does not always listen to me. So we argued, and I started doing the boxes myself, and my husband would not let me, so I asked him to leave, but he came back and held the ladder while I moved the boxes, and then he took over. It was quite silly and funny at the same time. Sometimes I think we are like kids arguing, and it doesn’t help that we are both opinionated. But in the end we worked well together and got it done. When we work together, its awesome and we get so much done. When we argue nothing gets done. But we are getting better at that. He is book smart and I am street smart. I leave all taxes, finances, insurance, and auto stuff to him, and he leaves everything else to me. He is a great writer, so I get him to edit my documents and critical emails. But we can be so silly sometimes.

A few weeks back my friend called me and when I picked up my phone, she thought she disconnected, but I could overhear her arguing with her hubby. Apparently he asked her not to call me at that time because they were in the middle of something. They probably argued and she got annoyed and decided not to call me. The husband then told her ok go ahead and call sorry I said anything, but my friend was adamant and refused to call me. It was funny listening to another couple behave like that. Anyway I did not want to snoop and hung up. But my phone rang again and it was the same story. I heard her saying “no matter what you say I will not call now”. Hehe. It was really funny and silly.

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