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Remember when I blogged about jumpsuits? Now this overgrown toddler trend is everywhere! Who brought this trend back? Models don’t look as bad, and neither did my co-worker who wore one today, but I am not changing my mind about this. Why oh why would you want to wear one of these? What if you wanted to pee – so uncomfortable. And what about the odds and ends of the body – they would show while walking and sitting. FYI if Gwyneth Paltrow, skinny as she is can’t carry it, nobody can.

I came across an article on jumpsuits that made me have to talk about them again. The YSL one looks dowdy and dull. Stella McCartney’s take makes the model look broad at the top and skinny at the bottom – not flattering at all. Where does the jacket end and pant begin? Zero + Maria is okay, but so shapeless down from the waist. Issa is not bad, but imagine the gathering of the flowing fabric around the thighs giving it an unflattering look. Maje looks skinny skinny skinny… Helmut Lang is also shapeless right at the start of the hips. Spiegel is actually not bad, while Target is so old fashioned and 80’s that the fad is best left dead. New York & Company, well, I am not going to say anything bad about my company… if you have to buy a jumpsuit buy it from my company. Seriously, you won’t regret it because the prices are so low that they accommodate all fashion mistakes that one is likely to make during the fadshion phase in one’s life. At least you will make fashion mistakes on a budget 🙂

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I hate jumpsuits – they look dowdy and ugly, and are impractical. If at all, they would work well only as shorts, not pants or capris. They look like high-waisted mommy jeans and you have to have a very flat stomach to make them work. When you sit, they tend to balloon up in the front. I really don’t know why someone would want to wear a jumpsuit.

Embarrassingly enough, I did have 3 in my closet. When I look back, I realize that I made a few fashion mistakes, and this was one of them. I had one in black with white vertical lines, one in hot pink, and one in light brown shorts. I would never be seen dead in them today! Such fashion disasters. Good thing I wore them at home, or paired them with a jacket. Nobody should wear jumpsuits ever, except for toddlers. Nothing can make it fashion-forward – no belts, handbags, shoes, accessories, nothing. They should be purged for good.

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