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I absolutely adore Blair Waldorf in this ruffle sleeve Catherine Malandrino dress. She looks so adorable, and the color suits her. I prefer the green one though online. Its on sale now for $125 on Billion Dollar Babes. Blair’s style is sooooooo good, and I love all her styling choices. Totally becomes her! I also like CM’s top in a similar style for the same price. CM’s dresses are so classic. Her designs are not breakthrough but are slightly different from the usual flair, and bring in classic romance with ruffled tops and dresses, pleated skirts, and solid colors.

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I watch Gossip Girl religiously, and am kind of embarrassed to admit to watching this teen show. Its like a soap opera. I got into it when my co-workers talked about it as a “scandalous” teen show full of controversies. I was curious, watched the first season, and was hooked. I got into reading the books too, which did not hold a candle to the show mainly because I adore Leighton and Ed. They play the parts so well and are such good actors. Leighton is such a mean girl, and yet her vulnerability makes her so endearing. And Ed, he is in all his glory as a bad boy with a good heart. I cannot stand Lily and Rufus and almost gagged at their scenes together this week. Serena is best with Blair, and Nate in bromance with either Dan or Chuck. I am truly addicted to this show and its fashions. B & S looked gorgeous in their opera gowns! And B always looks so good in all her clothes.

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