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I LOVE Betsey Johnson jewelry. Her pieces are quirky and different, and you will not find something like it anywhere. I have two pieces from her previous collections and love them. I bought two more last weekend and did not like one as much. Unfortunately I bought them from her Soho store and they do not do returns or exchanges for jewelry. One complaint I have is that her jewelry does not stay in place. She has asymmetrical flowers and bows, and they keep turning around. Also, her jewelry gets entangled easily and you have to wear it with the chain a certain way to make sure it looks perfect. So many complications… I bought the tiered necklace with black bows and the double layered bee necklace. The bee necklace is 30% off online; I got robbed of $15 and paid full price. I sould have known. NEVER EVER pay full price in the US; everything will eventually be on sale.

This time BJ’s collection is not as good. Its not as quirky and doesn’t stand out as much. The two old pieces I have are the stars of my jewelry collection, and very different. One has an eagle pendant which is truly priceless, and the other has a vintage look with peacock feather-like design. She should make more gorgeous pieces like that instead of charm jewelry. Her charm jewelry is difficult to wear.

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I went to Topshop two weekends back, and purchased a very lovely pair of necklace. The necklace is of golden leaves and very Greek-like. Only when I wore it to work the next morning that I realized that the edge of the leaves is so sharp that it hurts my neck. Argh! Each time¬† wear it I have to be careful; if I am on the phone and twist my neck, the leaves cut my neck. I have rashes from it today. What a price to pay for fashion! I still love the necklace and will wear it. Usually I like being comfy, but the piece is so original…

Back to Topshop. Did it live up to the hype? No. Was I disappointed? No, because I read negative reviews on Yelp before going, so I knew what to expect. First the good. Topshop has clothes from all over the world. You will find light cotton embroidered tunics and tops from India, patterned tops from Romania, etc. It has a lot of variety and truly original stuff. You will not find the same style of clothes and jewelry elsewhere. The jewelry is IN THE FACE, and I mean in the face and not your usual statement-jewelry. Really large pieces, multi-colored strands of necklace that would look gorgeous with a solid strapless dress, large earrings, and bracelets. Its hard to buy stuff like that and wear it on a regular basis. Now for the bad. It is pricey, much more expensive than it should be for the quality. The jewelry pieces are glued on but can fall off very easily. One piece came off while I was trying. The jewelry is too large.  That is the biggest problem I have with the store Рquality does not match price. The packaging is cheap as well. My jewelry piece was a bit delicate, but they did not pack it in a box or zip-lock. They put it in a paper bag and that was it. Even the shoes are not packed in boxes at the cash counter. Really cheap.

Its worth checking out once though just for the variety and some cool pieces. I will wait for sale to get one of the Made in India cotton embroidered tops. I cannot resist embroidery, I was really good at it once. Kate Moss is the face of the brand. Her stuff was okay, nothing to write home about.

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