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In school I loved to read. I read during all my free time, and I could not have enough of books. I read at least one book every 2 days. A few of us competed to read the most books, and I tried to read as many as fast as possible. Then came the Internet and I lost interest in reading. Each time I tried to get into it with newspaper subscriptions, Business Week, literature classics, etc., I could not complete them. I decided to ease into it. I have tons of books in front of me but find it hard to read them. Then I read about one book on Amazon by V.S. Naipaul, my favorite writer. He won the Nobel prize for literature and I loved his books. I decided to pick something I knew I liked and start there.

A House for Mr. Biswas. A very simple book about Indians in Trinidad. Its a book from the perspective of a man, Mr. Biswas. A simple man, unemotional, silly (like all men haha), sarcastic. He wants to buy a house, but doesn’t have the money or a high-paying job. Its a journey from his birth to death. It starts with his death, and the rest is flashback. There is no lingering on emotions during funerals; even when his father passed away the book did not focus on the negative emotions. It focused on dry humor and society. Some things I could relate to having seen in my own LARGE maternal family. I love the simplicity with which Naipaul weaves storylines, the dry humor in between lines, the eccentricities of life, the awkwardness the relationships bring with them… I have not yet completed the book and am much slower than usual, but I am going to finish this book and pick up another. I am happy to start reading again.

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