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It seems like every company is laying people off. This is such a vicious cycle. Companies lay people off, people don’t have money to buy, since nobody spends companies go out of business and lay off more people, and so on. Vault.com has a long list of companies that have laid people off. When will this stop? On one hand excesses will be reined in, but at what cost! I feel the need to save on cab fare and walk back from work in the freezing -14 degrees centigrade. Its not that bad actually – I am getting used to the cold weather. Its kind of nice to just walk by myself, keeping an eye out for the slippery dry ice on the road. Traffic is much less nowadays going to Lincoln Tunnel. A friend who’s husband works in real estate was telling me that people are leaving the city. Figures. The city is so much quieter – in my 6 years here I have never seen it so quiet. I like the hustle and bustle of the city, especially during holiday season. Jan & Feb are so dead, till summer comes and people are out and about.

I spent the entire long weekend at home watching movies. It snowed all day long. Beautiful, but cold.

I think of and pray for all those who are unemployed and have to find ways to make both ends meet, and I am grateful to just be employed at the same salary. I cannot believe that affiliates had the budget for the West coast summit – aren’t they feeling the pinch of the economy? I was looking forward to the CJ conference this year, but I won’t be able to go due to budget limitations.

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I am so sick of reading about the terrible state of the economy. And people say things will get worse – haven’t they dragged enough? I used up all my Citi card points today – what if they default points? I stocked up on Amazon, iTunes, and Restaurant.com gift cards. Retail has been so bad this year, and online is the only profit making “store” for the industry. I am a bit nervous for my hubby’s job and mine. I am so sick of the stock market volatility. Why can’t the government just shut it down for a week for a much-needed break? Just shut down the stock market till it starts going up, and each time it takes a downturn shut it down again. Investors are going crazy, and credit ratings agencies don’t help with all the downgrades. Just last week I was away from work far from this craziness. It was such a relief and so relaxing to just be away.

New York feels so dead and quiet now. A limousine service actually told me “pay what you want to, there has been no business since morning” to drop me off at work! And I paid him $5; normally he would have demanded $15. Cabs are actually available despite the NRF conference at Jacob Javits’ (I live closeby). I wanted to go to the NRF, but being back from vacation am trying to hold onto my job. While I have enough work, I arrive early and leave late to show how hard I am working! These are tough times… when will we see recovery? I do hope Obama’s swearing in will bring in some optimism.

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