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I watched True Blood before reading all the books, and liked it. Sookie seemed like a good fit. Then I read all the books, and fell in love with them. The characters came to life, and the show made it so much better. Every single character is amazing and plays the role with aplomb, except Anna Paquin. After reading the books she just did not fit.

I don’t think Anna is a good actress, and fails to connect with the role or the audience. I don’t see her as Sookie. There are times when she gives weird expressions that look blank and say nothing. She comes across as arrogant and silly. She cannot do scared – she starts breathing heavily when she is scared which is so fake. A good actress would show fear on her face, not in her actions. I cannot bear to watch her.

Last week’s episode was terrible except for Lafayette-Eric-Pam scenes. I love the trio. I like bad Bill too – good Bill was nothing but Sookie’s bitch, bad Bill is dark and exciting. Alcide and Sookie have absolutely no chemistry, and there was a disconnect in their scenes. Having so many other characters helps in that I don’t have to put up with Sookie. The casting director made such an excellent call with every other cast, why did he/she miss out on Sookie, the lead heroine? Why Anna Paquin? It has completely distorted my imagination of book Sookie, and I always imagine her as the gap-toothed Anna with blank stares and zero chemistry.

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I recently started watching True Blood, a story about vampires. I got into vampires when I started watching Vampire Diaries. Frequenting forums, I found out that Twilight books were for teenagers, Vampire Diaries for young adults, and True Blood was for adults. I watched all episodes of VD and TB, and started on the books. My first was the classic Count Dracula by Bram Stoker – the book depicts vampires as blood-sucking ruthless “undead”. I finished it online over a weekend. Then I started VD – all the books were enjoyable reads, except for book 5 which was released this year. I could not go beyond a couple of chapters in book 5.

Then I got into True Blood series – the best of the lot. If you have to read one vampire series it should be Sookie Stackhouse books on which True Blood is based. The best part of the series is Sookie Stackhouse, who is telepathic and this skill is very useful to vampires. The vampires are so damn sexy, and my favorite is Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard – could not have been played by a sexier guy!!! I like Anna Paquin as Sookie – if you don’t read the book and just watch the series, there seems to be a mis-match. But once you read the books, you understand her as Sookie and Anna fits the character well. Her quirkiness, ponytail jumping up and down, wild independence, courage, all fit. But the TV series does not hold a candle to the books. The beauty in the books is Sookie’s thoughts. Sookie has an awesome sense of humor, and she applies it in her thoughts. Things like “I am simple that way. All it requires to make me happy is a dead guy in the sack” after her love-making with Bill the vampire make you just love the character. Its hard to depict thoughts in the TV series – you could use a background voice, but there is only so much attention TV can hold by focusing on one character. If the TV series has to go through several seasons, other characters have to have a life beyond their involvement with Sookie, while the book is all about Sookie and other characters in their dealings with Sookie.

The sad thing is that book 9 is not as good as the first 8. Book 9 came out after the True Blood series, and the author probably wanted to keep Bill and Sookie together since the actors are a real-life couple, so wrote more of Bill into the story. Plus the book lacked the innocence, humor, and storyline that the first 8 had. I hate it when authors and their editors feel the pressure from the film or TV industry to write for TV/films rather than continue the same tone in the books – way to ruin a good book.

This is my favorite scene from True Blood – Bill is extremely sexy and both are oozing tons of chemistry in the series. But nobody nobody is sexier or more awesome than the towering 6’4″ tall Swedish Alexander as Eric.

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