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I love Valentino, but never had a chance to look at it closely. I walk by upscale stores such as Chanel, Prada, etc., but never have the courage to walk into them. See I don’t want to be snubbed by the salespeople there. Obviously I think its a waste of money to spend on these brands, but one can look, can’t one?

I had a chance to look closely at Valentino designs on Gilt. I love his designs. What a wonderful way to use roses on clothes! The last time I remember Angela tried to use them on Project Runway and she came across as tacky, and her “designs” were terrible. Clearly pulling roses off is a difficult feat.

I love anything with vertical pleats, especially in a dress.

Valentino Dress

In general, I like jackets with asymmetrical closure in the front. But asymmetrical tops can go either way.Riding Jacket

I love the top below, with the detail and rosette. So chic!


I love love love the top and skirt below. I absolutely adore pleated skirts like the one below, and ruffle tops. And the pink one has awesome details and rose ruffles using romantic soft sheer material.



The jacket below is so breathtaking, especially when paired with the pink top and black skirt above. So priceless!


I either love tweed or hate it. The dress below is really cute.


I like the white skirt below, but the pleating in the front joining the frills is weird and not wearable. What if it stretches a bit and comes off? I would prefer it without the stitch holding the pleats in the middle.


Valentino Red is probably the cheaper version of Valentino. It has cute pieces, but not with as much detailing as Valentino. I love the top below with romantic sheer ruffles. I like sheer chiffon in general, my only concern is that it tears easily and would be an ironing nightmare.


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