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Annoying vendors

I was annoyed with a vendor, who did what I thought showed lack of integrity and reeked of desperation. I told the vendor on my call, no I do not agree with x strategy, and we should not do this. So she goes behind my back, and emails me and my boss and says, why don’t I walk you through these recommendations that favor the strategy (I just said no to)? My boss did not know the details, so she was happy to discuss more. I gave her a background and explained that I will not tolerate that my vendor will go up the ladder if I say no for something.

I am going to talk to my boss about pushing them to interact with me directly instead of reaching out to her so that the message is loud and clear that they cannot go up the ladder to have my decisions over-ruled. I am also going to tell the vendor clearly that my boss and my team trusts me to completely make the right decision, so they need to interact with me. If I say no to a decision, my superiors will not over-rule that decision and will defer to me for everything related to the channel. So they need to deal directly with me. The best way to prevent them from doing this is if my manager supports me and directs them to deal with me.

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Why do vendors have to send large files (3-5MB)? I don’t understand the logic. Does anybody have the time to read them? I respond to ALL of them letting them know not to send such large files without prior communication. Its soooooo annoying. That and the automatic opt-in for emails. UGH.

Today one vendor called marketing a search service. He did not even know our website. Gee, how long does it really take to type my company site? Ridiculous! If you don’t have the time to check out my company site before calling me, why will I take time out to review your services? Agencies, especially search, are dime-a-dozen.

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Vendor rants

In my previous work life as a vendor, I always thought that clients were not as smart, and vendors know more than clients. Now as a client, I feel like vendors don’t want to do anything and keep pushing back because of the number of clients they deal with. You have to keep following up with them and do some of the work yourself. I try to find a balance between pushing them and motivating them.

Potential vendors are the worst. There should be rules for vendors when dealing with clients, mainly potential:

  • DO NOT ADD ME TO YOUR FUCKING EMAIL LISTS: The most annoying aspect is when new potential vendors add you to their email lists and you receive their weekly/monthly emails. It pisses me off to no extent because I have to keep unsubscribing. Now I send them emails telling them DO NOT add me to your email lists without my opting in. And every different person of that specific agency who contacts me will add me to that email list. Its so disrespectful to the client. Vendor emails should be opt-ins too, and we should have the same rules to guide those as for consumer emails.
  • DO NOT CALL ME AT 9AM; I HAVE WORK TO DO: Some vendors are so effing desperate that they will call at 9am and start selling services.
  • DO NOT INVADE MY PRIVACY: One crazy vendor actually brought up my LinkedIn and Facebook pages and photo on the WEBEX screen that was shared with another colleague of his, and asked me “Is that you in the Facebook photo? Is that your profile?” I was embarrassed as hell and annoyed. Total invasion of privacy, because I had NOT added that vendor to my networks. I quickly changed my profile settings… He probably thought that he was breaking through the clutter; he sure did. I have NEVER responded to that vendor again, and will never return his emails or phone calls. Creepy is the word.
  • DO NOT BE DESPERATE: One vendor used to call me EVERY SINGLE DAY and email me sometimes. It was crazy – I stopped picking up the phone when I saw his number. One day I told him that there is a fine line between pushing and promoting services. Stop calling me every single day. If I am interested I will return your calls and emails.
  • DO NOT CALL ME: Have you heard of email? Vendors keep calling instead of just emailing. I will respond to emails when I have the time and if the services are of interest. I usually respond to most second emails sent. I have to screen my calls because of the number of them I receive. Why call me and bother me when email will do just fine?
  • DO NOT COME TO MEETINGS UNPREPARED: Have you had vendors come to meetings without anything and just say “I will open up the floor for discussion”… What? Then why did you come? My boss, boss of boss, and boss of boss of boss are in the meeting, and you open it up for discussion? Great! Why don’t we just talk about the weather?
  • DO LISTEN: When I say “the agenda for the meeting should include x, y, and z”, do not ignore that and make the call about scheduling another call and waste my time. And my manager’s time, who is not going to be pleased WITH ME. I will never get you face time with my manager again.
  • DO NOT SEND AN 8MB FILE AND FILL UP MY MAILBOX: Some vendors that I have never met or spoken to send such large files in their INTRODUCTORY email. Send it to me in the evenings and it will directly go into trash because I cannot archive from home. Potential vendors probably think that clients will open their large files. Wrong. Don’t send me such large files that I stop receiving critical emails from work. Don’t send anything more than a max of 500K. A simple email introduction will go more places.

If you do need my attention, just email me. If I don’t respond probably because I am busy, email once in 2-3 weeks, and I will respond, schedule a call, and learn about your services. And I will let you know upfront if we have the budget for your services. You can email me every 2 months for top-of-mind awareness. Do send the occasional invite to your events and relevant events – I may attend because I like networking. Please be respectful of my time, and I will be of yours.

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