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Overall a very disappointing red carpet at the Oscars. Red color, statement jewelry, and one shoulder dresses were the trend.

A (wo)man (Robin Roberts) is presenting with dear Tim Gunn. Robin looks so much better with longer hair.

Love love love the Slumdog kids – adorable

Poor Jessica Biel – her laundry was hanging from her boobs, have to still catch her (non) shoes. And what is with her hair?

Kate Winslet – love love her earrings, like the combination of black and grey, but am still undecided on her overall dress.

Vanessa Hudgens walked through a garden hence the spring flowers on her bosom

Like Miley Cyrus’ dress – makes her look tall, HATE her harsh voice.

Super skinny Anne Hathaway’s fish-scales Armani gown is uber-gorgeous, but her bones are sticking out from it which totally ruins the dress

Love love love Marisa Tomei and her ravishing dress with structural pleats… sigh! I love pleats and drapes, and structural elements in clothes.

Beyonce wore her couch – did her mom design this too?

Like Tina Fey’s dress. What’s up with her left eye though, the one hidden by her side bangs?

Amanda Seyfried came wrapped as a present.

SJP is the ugly Cinderella.

OMG! Who let this animal out?

Freida Pinto disappoints again.

Gorgeous Halle Berry, love her gown by Marchesa.

Reese looks so matronly.

Natalie Portman needs to eat.

Heidi Klum wore one too many bracelets.

Penelope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Christina Barcelona. Her speech was awesome and from the heart. Very sweet.
Anthony won for cinematography for Slumdog. His hair was such a mess. Looks like someone woke him up from his nap and he came as he was – he wore sneakers.

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Like many other Indians, I was looking forward to Delhi 6. After debating whether to watch it in the theater or online, I ended up watching it online because I am trying to save on expenses. Given the number of movies I watch each week, it makes sense to watch some of them online. And am I glad – it was not worth the trip.

Delhi 6 is about Old Delhi, and the traditional lives there. I had no idea people lived in that traditional way in any part of Delhi! Abhishek returns to Old Delhi from New York with his grandmother Waheeda Rehman because she is dying and would like to die in her hometown. Abhishek’s Muslim dad married a Hindu, which displeased his grandfather, hence the dad never returned to India. In India, AB meets his uncle played by Rishi Kapoor. The entire movie focuses on Old Delhi and the lives around AB, made complicated by traditions. Sonam Kapoor is Om Puri’s daughter who wants to become an Indian Idol while her father wants her to get married in the arranged manner. The old Prem Chopra is married to a young wife who is banging a younger guy on the side. In the midst of all this is the black monkey, a man rumored to have caused trouble to Old Delhi’s inhabitants. Nobody knows who this black monkey is, and people start using him to hide their bad deeds. For example, Prem Chopra’s wife is with her boyfriend when Prem comes knocking at the door; she sends her bf out of the window and complains that the black monkey tried to rape her.

The concept was good, but direction, camerawork, and editing failed miserably. Also, AB’s chemistry with Sonam Kapoor is practically non-existent. Sonam looks gorgeous, and after writing her off after Sawariya, I realized that she can become a force to reckon with. Acting wise she doesn’t do much, but she looks gorgeous, and since when have Bollywood actresses needed to act? AB doesn’t have many dialogues. He is American born, so half the time he speaks with a slight accent. It is an awkward situation because the Director probably could not figure out whether to let him speak the Indian way or American way. AB goes in and out of the accent, and has very few dialogues. It is annoying because one, if he speaks in the American accent some people may not understand him; two, if he doesn’t, well, he is an American in the movie so how can he speak in the Indian accent; three, everyone knows that he is actually Indian so the accent would be a complete put on and annoying.

The movie moves at a very slow pace, and the lives of people around are not completely explored. They are simple people, but the Director is so bent on showing the simplicity that he forgets to infuse natural element into them. The movie lacks soul. Rahman’s beautiful music is completely wasted – wish he had used them for Slumdog instead because the music is much better than SM’s Jai Ho. Rahman’s songs have more soul and chemistry than the two actors.

It says a lot about an actor when the only chemistry he has on screen is with a man. AB has had the most chemistry with John Abraham in Dostana, but to be fair, even a doorknob would have chemistry with hot John. Aishwarya has more chemistry with Hrithik than her own husband AB, and AB has zero chemistry with Sonam. Maybe he had a little chemistry with Aish in Guru, and I don’t remember in Naach where he has a lip-lock with Antara Mali.

Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous (below), and has such a versatile look. I look forward to seeing her more. Too bad her Sawariya gig was overshadowed by Ranbir and Deepika’s love affair.

Masakali from Delhi 6

Rehna Tu – my favorite!!!

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I took a liking to Freida because she is charming, graceful, and seems humble. She also has a great style, and looks good in everything. With her becoming a media darling after Slumdog, she received a lot of coverage from top blogs, all loving her style, hair, beauty, and grace. However, I was deeply disappointed when I saw an Indian interview. In her international interviews she comes across as charming and humble. But in the Indian interviews, she comes across as arrogant with a condescending attitude; the success must have gone to her head.

I doubt that Slumdog is going to do much for her career. Think about it – she is not commercial in Bollywood. Indians do not get major roles in the US (Padma Lakshmi is an exception, but she was Salman Rushdie’s wife); case in point is Parminder Nagra, Jess from Bend It Like Beckham. She made it big in BILB, got a gig in Grey’s Anatomy (I think), but has not been able to re-live her BILB success. I highly doubt that Freida will re-live her Slumdog success. It is not easy for immigrants in the international arena unless you have connections. Which is why Freida needs to stay grounded.

Dev will be fine, since he was a part of Skins and was doing fine till Slumdog came along. I am sure he will do more in UK. But not Freida. Plus the media’s memory is short-lived. They pick one person they love and constantly throw them in your face till you are tired of hearing about them, and then they bring them down big time. Jessica & Ashley Simpson, Britney Spears, the Hilton sisters, etc.

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I enjoyed watching Dostana, although some scenes seemed to be a drag. Overall a very funny movie, with oodles of chemistry between John and Abhishek. Their offline chemistry translated onscreen, and it was such a pleasure to watch them. Especially the scenes with Kiron Kher – so funny! Their bloopers and funny clips were hilarious, especially where both are trying to kiss and burst out laughing. Wonder how many takes that took. And their Koffee with Karan was entertaining too. I had no idea Abhishek was so hilarious and such a langoor. He is funny and yet articulate in expressing his POV. Totally complements his father and wife. Amitabh and Aish are so articulate, graceful, and hold themselves back, while Abhishek is funny and himself. I like this side of him.

Bobby Deol OTOH was dull and uninteresting. Don’t care about him anymore.

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I watched Miss India worldwide online, and was appalled at the quality of contestants. The last one I watched was when Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won. Nobody is even close to them in terms of grace, intelligence, and beauty. Both absolutely gorgeous women. I could not decide between Sushmita’s smile and Aish’s beauty, but today in terms of beauty I like Aish more, although Sush is more interesting in interviews.

In the 2009 show, the contestants introduced themselves by speaking in an American accent. Extremely annoying. We all know that Indians do not have an American accent, so why put it on? No it doesn’t look cool, it is extremely annoying and everyone knows that you are putting one on. Same goes for film stars. An American accent doesnt make you cool. In fact Americans like the British accent. Moving on…

The contestants were parrot-like in their introduction, and clearly were reading from somewhere or had mugged their introductions. Not one natural one. But when they moved on to the Q&A round, some personality did come out. The judges included Milind Soman, Deepak Tijori, and Nafisa Ali. I had such a huge crush on Milind Soman back during his modeling days, and he has not changed one bit. For a man to be 40+ and look so gorgeous! He has classic chiseled looks and an awesome personality. As for Deepak Tijori, he made a fool of himself in Big Boss, and his movie Tom, Dick and Harry was such a disaster; he probably came to redeem himself. Nafisa Ali, a Miss India years back, was probably wondering how the whole pageat thing has gone to the dogs.

The Indian pageant at least has some redeeming qualities. The international one is pathetic. Trump has the reverse-Midas touch – he brings down the standard of everything he touches. Since he has taken over the pageant, the standards have gone down completely. Judges include Santino from project Runway – seriously, what does he know? Miss Worlds trip while walking, are dumb as a doormat, and their clothes come off which media loves to show over and over. They have become fodder for mockery. Who watches these pageant’s anymore?

Sushmita Sen

Aishwarya Rai

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I hate jumpsuits – they look dowdy and ugly, and are impractical. If at all, they would work well only as shorts, not pants or capris. They look like high-waisted mommy jeans and you have to have a very flat stomach to make them work. When you sit, they tend to balloon up in the front. I really don’t know why someone would want to wear a jumpsuit.

Embarrassingly enough, I did have 3 in my closet. When I look back, I realize that I made a few fashion mistakes, and this was one of them. I had one in black with white vertical lines, one in hot pink, and one in light brown shorts. I would never be seen dead in them today! Such fashion disasters. Good thing I wore them at home, or paired them with a jacket. Nobody should wear jumpsuits ever, except for toddlers. Nothing can make it fashion-forward – no belts, handbags, shoes, accessories, nothing. They should be purged for good.

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Movie – Tahaan

05tahaan11I love watching movies, especially off-beat. I watched Tahaan yesterday – such a sweet movie! Reminded me of Children of Heaven. Purav Bhandare plays Tahaan, and he is the most adorable kid ever!! His acting is flawless and holds your attention completely. Small things like his dancing bring such joy to the heart that you just want to rewind and watch him again and again. Just watching him in the movie was so sweet and filled me with a warmth and sadness for all the unfortunate kids in the world. So innocent… The movie had all my favorite actors – Rahul Khanna, Rahul Bose, and Anupam Kher. Truly a must-watch!

Tahaan lives with his mom (played by Sarika), older sister, and grandfather in terror-ridden Kashmir. His father is away with the terrorists fighting against the military. But before leaving, he gave Tahaan a donkey, Birbal. Tahaan loves Birbal. However, his grandfather dies and Tahaan’s mom has to sell the donkey to make ends meet. She sells it to Rahul Khanna. Tahaan goes to get his donkey back but Rahul K. refuses. Tahaan is upset, and sees a man hitting his donkey because the donkey refuses to move. Sweet Tahaan picks up a stone and tells the man that if he doesn’t stop hitting the donkey, he will hit the man with the stone. So cute! Tahaan slips in and frees Birbal at night. Birbal runs back home and Tahaan is happy. But his mom makes him return the donkey. Tahaan is very upset with this, and tells Rahul K. that he will work with Birbal, and if he is around Birbal will work harder. But RK tells him to go home.

Tahaan finds out that Birbal has been sold to Anupam Kher, and goes to AK. AK tells him to get lost, but Tahaan is adamant. Anupam then meets Rahul Bose, who works for him, and the two leave for their town along with another women (Nadia) who accompanies them for a safe exit through security. Tahaan follows them in the falling snow, but finally gets tired and starts freezing. AK and the team know that he is following them, and get worried when they don’t see him around. They finally find him under a rock. After giving him some warm fluids, they take him with them seated on Birbal. On the way they see some men singing and playing music. Tahaan, adorable as he is, runs and dances with them and enjoys the music. He is truly a sweet kid. He asks AK and the rest to dance with him.

After dropping off Nadia, AK challenges Rahul Bose and Tahaan to do a race between Rahul’s horses and Tahaan’s donkey. If Rahul wins, he will get a cell phone, and if Tahaan wins he will get Birbal back. Tahaan’s donkey is no match for R’s horses, but R has an eye for women. He sees Nadia in a marriage procession and stops to eye the women. Tahaan continues to run, and he wins. His determination to win and get Birbal back is heart-warming. He meets AK’s nephew who is of the same age. AK gives Birbal to his nephew. This upsets T, because AK had told T that if the donkey wins he would get Birbal back. AK refuses. No amount of money or goodies will get Tahaan to change his mind about Birbal. Tahaan calls him a liar and runs back home in tears. Such as sweet kid. On the way he stops by an ice pond. A man stops by and asks Tahaan why he is crying. Tahaan tells him about Birbal. The man (Ittres) tells Tahaan not to worry, he would take T to his “peer baba” or “wise man” who will bring back his donkey. T says that he will meet him the next day.

The next day, T accompanies AK to his town again, and on the way back stops by the ice pond. Ittres takes T to peer baba. T sees people with guns, and is fascinated with the guns. He then meets peer baba who tells him to go to school and play. Ittres gives T a grenade to keep at home, and take to AK’s town the next day.

T again accompanies AK to his town. Everyday, AK brought fruits from T’s town to his own town on horses and the donkey, and has to go through a security checkpoint. T hides the grenade in the box full of fruits. Ittres asks T to transfer another package as well, which T hides under the donkey’s saddle. At the security checkpoint, T is nervous but gets through fine. Once T reaches the town, AK’s nephew takes T up to his room and shows him some figurines that he made about his parents, AK, Birbal, and Tahaan. He tells T that he lost his parents in the terrorism in Kashmir. T asks him why he doesnt buy another donkey, since Birbal is T’s donkey.

Ittres then comes to see T. T gives Ittres the package, but Ittres says that T needs to do one more thing for him. T by then is frustrated and asks if he will get his donkey back then. Ittres says yes. Ittres tells T that T has to throw the grenade and blast a house. T agrees to do it for his donkey. But by then T suspects that something is amiss. You get the feeling that T is very innocent like all kids, but is a smart kid and will not be taken for a ride. And he is smart enough to take care of himself.

In the meanwhile, AK’s nephew tells AK to return the donkey to T. AK says that Birbal cost him a lot of money, but his nephew tells him that AK taught him that he should find happiness in other’s happiness. AK is happy to see the goodness of his nephew’s heart, and that his nephew will grow up to be a good man.

T goes to the house that he has to blow up, and sees a puppy on rows of sacks. T removes the dog so that it doesn’t get hurt. When T is about to throw the grenade he sees the door open and a few militants inside with some prisoner. T doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. He turns around to throw the grenade in the opposite direction, when he sees AK’s nephew come running after Birbal. T then runs to the river and throws the grenade in it. This scene got me at the edge of  my seat, because I was scared that the grenade would go off in T’s hands and he would blow up. After the grenade blows up in the river, T returns to the house and sees that the militants are with his father! He calls out to his dad, who doesn’t hear him. He runs back home and tells his mom that he saw his father. His mom then goes to prison to meet her husband, whom she had cried for and waited for so long.

When T wakes up the next morning, he sees that his donkey is back! Happy ending! The movie is truly worth watching. Tahaan is so innocent and cute, and small things like him dancing bring such warmth to the heart. And yet the fact that terrorists would take advantage of such innocence to transfer weapons is scary, because it probably happens in Kashmir. Such a paradise reduced to this, because India and Pakistan keep fighting. How did it all start? Why? When I was in school, students were taken to Kashmir on a trip. I chose not to go because I wanted to go home to my parents, but I wish I had gone. I will never get to see the beautiful Kashmir ever! Such a shame. The movie made me think of all the unfortunate kids, and I really want to do something for them. Its just so unfair that kids, who are innocent, have to go through so much pain and trouble. I wish this film had received more support and marketing.

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