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Tory Burch’s Spring collection is up on Neimal Marcus. I don’t get the hype behind Tory Burch. I mean, she is a talented designer and I really like her tunics, and of course Oprah the great had her on her talk show, but do TB’s designs live up to the prices? NO! Plain cotton tunics that cost a handful (of course made in some Asian country) priced at ~ $300. Too pricey, especially for this economy. I tried on a gorgeous orange tunic in Nordstrom – the fit and look were very good, but quality left much to be desired. The tunic had some bling which was sewed on in a way that there were loose threads on the inside. The threads would easily get caught and come off. For a $300 price, I expect much better. Also, tunics have been worn in India for a long time, and some of her designs do reflect “Indianness”. She must be a good businesswoman to have sold so many despite the price tag, low value, and lack of innovation in collections. And of course her style of tunics are hard to find in this country.

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