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I saw Shilpa Shetty entering Chola last weekend for lunch. She probably came to NY to participate in the annual Indian Independence day parade, which happens every year on the streets of NY during the second Sunday of August. On screen, she seems very tall, skinny/slim, great figure, but her face seems asymmetrical and larger than her body. I don’t find her tpretty, but most people do. To her credit, she has one of the best bodies in Bollywood, and has maintained it. Every other actress with a good body has put on so much weight (Aishwarya, Urmila), not Shilpa. Priyanka Chopra does not count – she is a relative newcomer.

Shilpa came in a few movies and did a couple of songs – the most memorable is the one with Akshay Kumer Mein khiladi tu anari. And of course her side role in Baazigar. She was lost for a few years, but came back with her stint on Big Brother UK.

A Brit Jade Goody was racist towards Shilpa and bullied her on Big Brother UK. Shilpa won public sympathy and BB in the end, and moved on. She made tons of money and came out with her own perfume in the UK. Since then she has risen to fame in India, and hosted Big Boss (Indian Big Brother). She looks good and conducts herself well, but is dumb as a doornail. She is not funny and is a terrible terrible host. Such a step down from Arshad Warsi. She came across as silly and stupid as host of Big Boss, who could not say anything without being scripted. I hope they don’t bring her back.

She was literally mauled by Richard Gere below. She took it well, but what was Gere thinking? These men cannot keep it in the pants when they see Indian women. Richard Branson took Neha Dhupia by surprise and turned her around completely on the stage – ya like a roller coaster or something. Crazy antics!

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Eventful Sunday

Yesterday was an eventful day. AM’s closest friend and co-worker is leaving for Hong Kong and let us use his apartment for 1 month while we were renovating ours. Its fully furnished, and we pay no rent. Yay!! The only downside is that it will take me over 40 mins to commute to work – it takes only 15 mins now. Its just 1 month though.

AM and I met at Chola for lunch after his visiting his friend. I like South Indian food at Chola, but each time I go there the place just seems dingier. Their lunch buffet is disorganized and the food is not that good. There was a birthday party going on, and the room was crowded, loud, HOT, and dingy. It was hard to sit there. Guess who I saw there? Shilpa Shetty!! Since I moved to my new place I have seen so many celebrities, as many as I haven’t seen in the last 6 years I have lived in NY. She did not look as tall as I expected and was wearing a LOT of heavy Indian clothing. It was so hot, wonder how she managed. She probably participated in the Indian independence parade. I told AM she is as tall as I (I had 4 inch wedges on), and he thought that I was flattering myself. Anyway, it was a blink-and-you-miss kind of a thing. I was walking out of Chola and saw her coming towards it with a very bored look. She just seemde ordinary till I realized she is probably Shilpa. I saw more people in the restaurant staring so yeah she was Shilpa.

We got tickets for Kaminey and walked towards Bloomingdale’s to find a place to sit and kill time, and my heart palpitations returned. AM took my pulse and it was 94-95. My Dad told me that if it goes over 90, then I need to see a doctor. I started having shortness of breath. We went to the emergency room and spent 6 long long hours there. It was terrible. At the triage they tool my pulse in the EKG, everything normal. Then they monitored me for two hours, normal. Blood tests for everything including thyroid, normal. Everything was normal. I asked the doctor, why did this happen? Her answer – I cannot speculate. I can only tell you what I read from the tests. The best thing is to go to a physician who will give me a monitor for 48 hrs. It would have been better to watch the movie and go home – much more relaxing! I cannot believe how inefficient health care system is in this country. What is the point of advancement if people are so stressed and basic health care system is not in place?

I am going to take good care of my diet now. I have taken my body for granted and filled it with junk. No more carbs and fats – just health food. It was probably a combination of diet and stress that caused the heart palpitations.

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