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Day 1

I wanted to do a before and after of my apartment but forgot to take before pictures. I doubt that I will have the patience to take in-progress pictures – I am not an avid photographer. Day 1 of the renovation was okay. Its interesting to see how the process takes shape. The demolition people came over and marked all walls to be brought down. The walls which they were unsure of had question marks. Day 1 and already a surprise – the wall between the kitchen and living room has a gas line. This is unusual — the stove is against the wall, but somehow the gas line is reaching the stove from the opposite wall. Quite an unusual arrangement. The guys did not bring the wall down — I spoke to the GC and he said that he would work around it. For a moment I was worried that we would not be able to bring the walls down, and I would not have my precious kitchen like I imagined it. Not that I cook, but…

Another unexpected thing was that one wall in front of the entrance was demo’d. I walked in and a great view greeted me — with the wall no longer blocking the view, I could see right into the window and into 7th Ave which has an awesome view. Totally unexpected. Too bad a wall will come up there to build a room and block out the view. Its as if every day I discover something new. Its exciting and unnerving…

I would have made a good architect/interior designer – I am designing everything with my architect’s input of course but all the materials are my choices. Her input is the plan, which is with my feedback and ideas. I would have enjoyed the work too. But I would have encountered odd-balls, and what if my aesthetics differed from my client’s? How would I adjust? I hated my old architect’s ideas because they were too out there and impractical – glass kitchen countertop, subway tiles, grey kitchen cabinets, combination of white and brown kitchen cabinets, kind of like the plasticky look of European designs. But natural is the way to go.

I started out by wanting brown cabinets, white countertop, and white glass backsplash. Now I want something completely different because every other kitchen picture I see is what I wanted at the start. I am so glad to be doing something different.

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