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CLI so badly want a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I see them everywhere now. Khloe Kardashian wore them the day she was fired in Celebrity Apprentice 2. I saw it on a girl at work. And I have fallen in love with the red sole… so classy and sexy. But they cost a fortune!

My husband will flip if I buy them. Should I open a new bank account, deposit a check and spend that money on the shoes? That way the charge will not show up in the bank and credit card statements. Will he notice that one check has not been deposited? I hate Fidelity, where all the accounts have been combined so we keep track of all the money. Damn! One day…

I tell myself that if I lose xx number of pounds, I will have justification for rewarding myself. Or I could just buy and not deal with my husband, since he did not give me anything last Anniversary (recession…).

The website is so awesome.

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CLYelp lists Christian Louboutin as a best shopping stop in New York. After reading reviews I realized that CL’s trademark is the red sole. I checked out the collection on Neiman Marcus, and the heels are gorgeous. However, they do not justify the price tag. Do shoes with red soles justify the hefty price tag? Really? Maybe I need to check the store out – it is on my to-do lists. I have to see it now, what with the reviews raving about it. The red soles seem “sex-kitten”-like; maybe that is why people like them! I have seen Hollywood walk in CL on the red carpet, so either it is truly special or another over-rated and over-priced product. Seriously, what is the mark-up on this?

The brand also has wedges. If the USP of the brand is red soles, why would someone want to pay so much for a wedge from CL? Who would be able to see the red sole? I have to check this store out.

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