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I enjoyed Star Screen Awards despite Sajid Khan because the awards were relatively fair. Filmfare awards, OTOH, is a means to rejoice filmdon and their kids who are now actors/actresses. Sometimes an outsider may win an award due to the sheer support and accolades the person may receive.

The award ceremony was held at Yash Chopra studios. Karan Johar, Imran Khan, and Ranbir Kapoor hosted it along with Deepika Padukone and Konkana Sen Sharma. Karan was his usual suave and articulate self. It is hard not to like him. He is so well spoken and sophisticated. Imran and Ranbir were cute, although some of their jokes were not that funny and dragged a bit. But their being eye candy made up for it. Deepika was a deer in headlights, at 5:00 below in the video. I could not believe that she was so bad as an anchor. Konkana overshadowed her completely. Deepika should just go back to being eye candy in movies, leaving the acting and anchoring to Konkana.

Jodha Akbar and Rock On won most of the awards. While JA was a decent movie and beautifully made, the best actor award should have gone to Aamir Khan for Ghajini. But since AK has rebuffed the awards, none of the award ceremonies have the guts to still give an award that is truly well deserved. Rock On was completely undeserving; the only award well deserved was for Arjun Rampal. Rock On was not that good; it was an okay movie. To add to the insult, Farhan Akhtar‘s harsh voice was nominated for singing with other well known singers with great voices. Truly an insult to the singers! I mean, Farhan cannot sing, but can get away with it because he made the movie and he is Javed Akhtar‘s son. Ridiculous.

When I watch such awards ceremonies, I admire AK’s stance on refusing to attend them or accept any award, and I even admire his refusal to send movie clips for movies that he has produced. I wish more actors would take such a strict stand so that the awards would start being more fair. Ghajini deserved many awards, but only Asin won for newcomer. So unfair. I really don’t like Farhan – he is everywhere, too much in-your-face. No he is not that talented. Luck by Chance was a much better movie but nobody went to watch it probably because of the disappointment with the over-hyped Rock On. I am so over these awards.

Even the red carpet was not that interesting. I cannot stand the woman (forget her name, she used to host Indian Idol). She keeps screeching in her mike and is painful to listen to. And Aish came with a flat hairstyle that made her look much older than she is. It was nice of Abhishek though to sit in the front row with Aish and Amitabh to cheer on the hosts. Am glad its over. Next year I willjust tune into Star Screen.

The ultra gorgeous Sonam… she is the most fresh-faced in the industry right now.

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Overall a very disappointing red carpet at the Oscars. Red color, statement jewelry, and one shoulder dresses were the trend.

A (wo)man (Robin Roberts) is presenting with dear Tim Gunn. Robin looks so much better with longer hair.

Love love love the Slumdog kids – adorable

Poor Jessica Biel – her laundry was hanging from her boobs, have to still catch her (non) shoes. And what is with her hair?

Kate Winslet – love love her earrings, like the combination of black and grey, but am still undecided on her overall dress.

Vanessa Hudgens walked through a garden hence the spring flowers on her bosom

Like Miley Cyrus’ dress – makes her look tall, HATE her harsh voice.

Super skinny Anne Hathaway’s fish-scales Armani gown is uber-gorgeous, but her bones are sticking out from it which totally ruins the dress

Love love love Marisa Tomei and her ravishing dress with structural pleats… sigh! I love pleats and drapes, and structural elements in clothes.

Beyonce wore her couch – did her mom design this too?

Like Tina Fey’s dress. What’s up with her left eye though, the one hidden by her side bangs?

Amanda Seyfried came wrapped as a present.

SJP is the ugly Cinderella.

OMG! Who let this animal out?

Freida Pinto disappoints again.

Gorgeous Halle Berry, love her gown by Marchesa.

Reese looks so matronly.

Natalie Portman needs to eat.

Heidi Klum wore one too many bracelets.

Penelope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Christina Barcelona. Her speech was awesome and from the heart. Very sweet.
Anthony won for cinematography for Slumdog. His hair was such a mess. Looks like someone woke him up from his nap and he came as he was – he wore sneakers.

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